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As an FNP Mastery subscriber, we've added an online FNP Practice Test (a $30 value) — in addition to your mobile & desktop access.

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Practice Test

Go online and take your practice test before you begin studying to help establish a baseline and identify the areas you need to improve using FNP Mastery.

FNP Mastery

Practice with FNP Mastery’s 880+ questions on your phone & computer, building confidence and reducing stress along the way. Now, you’re ready to conquer your exam.

300% Money-back guarantee

Our pass guarantee has increased to 300%. That means if you don't pass your boards you'll get 300% of your money back. (But I know you won't need it.)

Take the exam before you take the exam!

Our FNP Practice Test is a computer-based practice test that functions like the exam—including a built-in timer and 75 questions.