Practice Passing with Two Full NCLEX Simulations

Each membership automatically includes two simulations, in addition to everything else you need to get ready for your NCLEX. Better yet, you get it all for the prices you see right below.



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Mini Sim Icon

Start with a Sample Sim

Our mini-sim is designed to give you a quick taste of the look and feel of the real deal. It’s short - around 40 minutes - but it’s a good way to know what to expect and is designed to improve the way you prep.

Pretest Icon

Try Your First Simulation

Here’s your first simulated NCLEX experience. If it helps, you can consider it your dry run in the lead up to your test. The simulation is exactly like the real deal, only you do it from the comfort of your own computer.

Results Icon

See Where You Stand

Simulating the test wouldn’t be of much use if it didn’t give you detailed results that help you understand where you stand, the things you did well, and the areas where you could maybe use a little improvement.

Post Test Icon

Sim Again for the Win

Here’s where you put all of your prep and practice to the test. It’s a second full NCLEX simulation with an entirely new set of questions, and it’s a great gauge of whether or not you’re in good shape heading into your test date.