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Best dental boards prep app!!
"It’s no wonder that the Dental Mastery apps were always top rated for NBDE part 1 and 2! I think this app has a great representation of what to expect for the INBDE exam. It’s an excellent resource with not only realistic case-based questions that are a great way to test myself but also educational explanations to improve my knowledge as I study. I love the convenience of being able to study on my phone anytime anywhere, and the question flagging system to mark things I want to come back to and review is awesome. I trust that this app will prepare people studying for INBDE just as well as it did for the part 1 and 2 exams up till now - I think their reputation speaks for itself. Highly recommend!"


The Must Have App for Boards
"The convenience of this App is amazing! All the upperclassmen have told me about the apps they used for their boards, but with the switch to the INDBE exam this app is a MUST!! The questions are easily laid out with patient based cases and have great explanations. It tracks your progress so you can see what you’ve gotten wrong and tackle those questions separately. Also the convenience of this being an app lets me study from anywhere which is great! Download it ASAP if you’re taking this exam within the next year and good luck!!!"


Amazing dental boards app

I highly recommend this app for ur preparation for the boards. The question format depict real exam scenarios and are well compliant with the dental boards format. The explanation after the question and answers help u reinforce ur basics. It is a great adjunct to ur sources and can really help build ur confidence. The ease of using it anywhere while traveling or work make it more student friendly. Love this.


Here’s What You Get

Great results, according to reviews (20,000+; 4.7 stars). Plus a guaranteed way to pass your INBDE and prepare for class. You’ll get 2,000+ INBDE Patient Box questions, detailed rationales, and lessons built to to match your curriculum.

Not to mention 1,600+ supplemental, high-yield, curriculum based questions for additional studying, the entire library of Mental Dental, and much more. Plus, all groups will receive VIP onboarding and customer support.

Here’s How It Works

Round up a posse of your peers, have one member of the group fill out the form above, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to save you and your group some serious money.

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