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Comprehensive INBDE prep, Mock Exams, and performance reports for faculty designed to follow JCNDE guidelines

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We’ll Need Some Basics

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"The question bank and explanations is thorough, well organized, and up to date. We have found the tool to be extremely useful and has become an integral part of the INBDE board prep course at the University of Washington."

Dr. Bruce Silverstein (Course Director)

“I took integrated and passed on the first try! The questions were pretty similar to the app and the functionality was great for answering questions on the go.”

Shernel (Student)

“The only reason I passed the INBDE. Thanks to Matt, the app developer who was always there to answer my questions about the app and thanks for motivating me to do better. BIG THANKS!”

Sakshi (Student)

Built By Faculty for Faculty

Created by the same team known for the Dental Boards Mastery NBDE I & II apps and in partnership with The University of Iowa College of Dentistry. We designed My Dental Mastery with question and rationale quality in mind.

It brings students and faculty the confidence they need to ensure readiness for the INBDE. We truly feel My Dental Mastery is as close as it gets to the real thing.

And to hedge any concern, we put our money where our mouth is. We'll throw in our 200% guarantee. Either your students pass their first attempt, or we'll refund you 200% what you paid.

What's Our Solution?

2,064 INBDE practice question bank. We've kept up with the trends and delivered proven software designed to enhance student learning.

The question bank features:

  • 75% patient box & 25% stand alone clinical scenario practice questions
  • Organized by FK category and Clinical Competency subcategory to match the JCNDE blueprint
  • Interactive learning that encourage students to focus on testing their weak areas

What's Our Solution?

5 INBDE Mock Exams designed to be administered by faculty or to be taken at the student's leisure.

Mock Exams Include:

  • 4 Mini Mock Exams each 100 questions in length
  • 1 Full Length 500 question INBDE Mock Exam

We encourage the mini mocks to be taken over a period of 6 - 12 months. And to conclude student INBDE prep with our full length exam to assess readiness.

What's Our Solution?

14+ Performance Reports. Our data team tracked 24,962,172 NBDE practice questions answered in 2020.

To help you do the same, we'll provide you with in depth reports to assess:

  • Individual student performance
  • Overall class performance
  • Time spent learning
  • Performance by category
  • Performance by Mock Exam

We call it our "Instructor Portal" and 2021 results have been impressive. 72/72 students in our initial case study received satisfactory scores on the practice question bank, the Mock Exams, and are now taking their INBDE.

How Do We Get Started?

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We'd like you to feel as confident as possible in a partnership. To help, we'll offer complimentary access to the app for your faculty team and encourage you to tear it apart.

To date, we've had 50/50 faculty at our current partner Institutions unanimously choose My Dental Mastery as the INBDE Prep for their students.

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